I give you a challenge: wear your best outfit, light some perfumed candles and… plan a one on one date with yourself. Start a deep, honest conversation.  Get to know your emotions, fears, traumas.
Ok, you are allowed to invite one more too: your inner child 😉


Best trip ever: The dazzling desert of your soul

You are living now in this limited neighborhood called Earth. In any moment, your rental flat (aka body) can expire and you will have to move into another dimension, next to the purest form of energy. 

So, why waste your time with searching flaws, reasons to cry, dramas?!

Yes, lady, you are more than just another human being!
You are unique, beautiful, loving!
You are unique, beautiful, loving and loveable! 
You are… pure joy!
You are a miracle of God! 
You are the greatest miracle of God!