Heal your BODY

Personalized Counseling Programs:

  1. Overcome Candida Overgrowth
  2. Eat to heal
  3. Personalized Nutrition plans
  4. Holistic Nutrition menu planner
  5. Healthy “cheat sheet”
  6. Lose that extra weight
  7. Improve overall health
  8. Natural healing solutions
  9. pH rebalance
  10. Mindfulness living
  11. Healing yoga
  12. Stress management
  13. Heal when self-imposed limits are exceeded
  14. It’s tea o’ health
  15. Master your health
  16. Eat your vitamins
  17. Best gut healing recipes
  18. Take a break and… breathe!
  19. Heal your Skin
  20. Eating the Proper Way
  21. Become Tolerant to… Food Intolerance
  22. Food Combining for Proper Healing
  23. Drink your health
  24. Assessment of Nutritional Status
  25. Disease Management Through Food
  26. Psycho-nutrition
  27. Management of Obesity and Healthy Living
  28. Nutritional Menu Planning for children, teenagers, elders, athletes
  29. Balanced Nutrition in Communities
  30. Food and Nutritional Value Principles
  31. Personalized Diet Planner based on Biological Parameters and Current Diseases
  32. Gastrotechny





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