Who am I to stand in your way?!
Doctor, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant certified in Assessment of Nutritional Status, Disease Management Through Food, Psycho-nutrition, Obesity and Healthy Living, Nutritional Planning for children, teenagers, elders, athletes, Balanced Nutrition in Communities, Food and Nutritional Value Principles, Personalized Diet Planner based on Biological Parameters and Current Diseases, Gastrotechny.
More than seven years of study on Candidiasis and Candida Albicans, myself a sufferer of Candida Overgrowth and Histamine Intolerance which I managed to heal and keep under control.
No one, yet … someone.
I’m here to give you my shoulder to rely on and my hand to travel together through this blessed journey called Life!!!

Just… too SMALL to FAIL.

There is nothing brighter than surrendering to what we are…

There is nothing darker than denying our pure light…

There is nothing worse than avoiding our miracle…

There is nothing… when we are not!!!



I give you a challenge: wear your best outfit, light some perfumed candles and… plan a one on one date with yourself. Start a deep, honest conversation.  Get to know your emotions, fears, traumas.
Ok, you are allowed to invite one more too: your inner child 😉

Best Gluten, Dairy and Allergy Free Apple Pie Without… The Pie Thing?!

What if I would tell you that you can eat as much apple pie as your heart craves for even with Gluten and Dairy Allergy, Candida Overgrowth, Histamine Intolerance and Multiple Food Allergy?!
Yes… you’ve heard it right!
When life gives you apples… you’ve gotta Pie The Hell out of them!!!

Doctor Reveals the Essential Truth about Vitamins

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Amazing Gluten, Dairy and Meat- Free Burger:

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Is your gut making you sick?!

Back in the days when animals could talk, there was a heavenly sent couple ruling Earth: YOU and YOUR HEALTHY BODY.
At least, until your gut decided to become your frenemy and surprise you with: » constipation

            » diarrhea

            » low libido

            » insomnia

            » headaches

            » lack of energy

           » hormonal imbalance

            » mood swings

            » food intolerance

            » joint aches

            » food  and environmental allergy

            » muscle aches

            » breath- taking uninviting body smell

            » colitis

            » memory loss

            » asthma

            » white deposits on the surface of the tongue

            » congestion

            » acne

            » extreme sweating, especially during the night

            » vaginitis

            » autoimmune diseases

            » kidney and bladder infections

            » arthritis

            » depression
If you too struggle with these nasty issues, stay tuned for finally receiving effortlessly and permanently health improvement by the means of personalized health programs created by our Doctor, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant.

Best trip ever: The dazzling desert of your soul

You are living now in this limited neighborhood called Earth. In any moment, your rental flat (aka body) can expire and you will have to move into another dimension, next to the purest form of energy. 

So, why waste your time with searching flaws, reasons to cry, dramas?!

Yes, lady, you are more than just another human being!
You are unique, beautiful, loving!
You are unique, beautiful, loving and loveable! 
You are… pure joy!
You are a miracle of God! 
You are the greatest miracle of God! 

Ways to make sure your disease is not coming back.

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