Letters to life

Cry, laughter, dance
… Frozen…

Frozen in time when it comes to acknowledging our real nature.
Our fears. Our doubts. Our emotions. Our failures. Our disappointments, our….

It becomes so easy nowadays to judge others experiences, to give advice, to share opinions.
But how many times we could really share some honest thoughts in a deep conversation between us, ourselves and ours?!
How many times were we able to let the fearful time passing by so quick become fearless?!
We afraid time, we afraid darkness, we afraid storm, we afraid shinning sun, we afraid holes, we afraid earthquakes, we afraid of water floods… tears writing the DNA of our little-broken hearts.
We miss the feelings, people, places. But do we ever miss who we used to be?! Do we ever miss the light which was given to us upon the Heavenly deliverance on Earth?!
Do we ever miss being innocent, pure, loving and loveable?!

This makes me wonder:

In our desperate search of finding that unique, one of a kind, heart wrecking and heart filling connection with a significant other we have forgotten…
Missing what we have never had while searching for what we already have?!

Lovingly love, 

MD. Alina M. 


Copyright 2018 MD. Alina- Loredana Marcu

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