I Love… You?!

Ek is lief vir jou, Te dua, Ohiboke – Nohiboka, Yes kez si’rumem, Maite zaitut, Ami tomake bahlobashi, Volim te, Obiceam te, T’estimo, Je t’aime, I love you!

No matter the race, color or personal beliefs, we are amazing human beings.

And… as humanly as possible, we all have that significant person in our life to express our deepest feelings of appreciation, love, kindness, unconditional support, expressing blissfulness everyday of our existence here on Earth only by knowing that at the end of the day, there is someone we can call, “love”!!!

Love… nothing else than just a word. Oh… but what a heartwarming one!!!

We love our family, nephews, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, hubbie.

We love nature, plants, birds, trees, the air we breathe.

We love clothing, accessories, sweet treats, good music.

 But we truly love… loving?!

If so… why it becomes so hard to… just do it?!

Why fear leads feelings, negative leads positive, hatred leads harmony?!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s all about expressing love to our significant other.

But who and what is a significant other finally?! Another person who comes with the impossible mission to fulfill our emptied heart?!

My dear, love comes from within, don’t seek it without!!!

Love yourself, appreciate what you are and what you have daily, and share it with the person in your life. Love yourself enough to love the others. Love yourself enough to be there for your loved ones unconditional, unconventional and undoubtedly every moment, every day, especially, not only on Valentine’s Day!!!

Be your own Valentine, so that when you meet the right person, you create a team of loving Valentines.


To me, myself and I.

To my friend, my guy, my man.

To my family and friends.

To LIFE!!!


Copyright 2018. MD. Adria M. All rights reserved.


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