Let it rain

Bad hair day, wrong outfit, devastating fight with hubbie, the high heels of your fav shoes just broke down, not finding the right parking place, busy day ahead, and now, to top it on, it starts to rain. Heavily.

Isn’t this image so familiar to all of us?! How many times we thought our day is over because of these small insignificant so-called challenges?!

My dear, I know, you might have a challenging time: no money, no job, no hubbie around, no children, no family. No dress to fit, no shoes to match, hairs not cooperating. Too tired to go out or even too tired to go to sleep after such a long, hectic working day.

Stress… stress… stress. You are about to stress out and call it a quit.

To quit?! Are we really quitters?!

Aren’t we here to learn, study hard each page of our life, and successfully pass the exam called life?!

Aren’t we here to celebrate each day the graduation of another blessed chapter of it?!

Aren’t we here to create a successful novel in which the passionate main character is each of us?!

Aren’t we here to… Live?!

Be the orchid of your life, indulge in storms. Every single drop of cold water turned into tears is there to make you grow, rise and shine.

Don’t hate the rain, let it be your gain.


Copyright 2018 MD. Adria M. All rights reserved.

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