Still single?

Minus one is your best partner

Scary nightmare wakes you up in the middle of the night: you could definitely use that warm hug of your significant other to give comfort, release pain, and fell together back into sweetest dreams.

But, wait, the pillow next to you is still empty… You still go to bed alone and wake up, even lonelier… You miss being in a relationship, don’t you?!

Definitely… a relationship with yourself.

Girl, we all know that ever since coming to Earth, our favorite play- like moments were connected to parenting, family life. Taking care of toy babies, looking forward to the night to come so we can listen just one more time to mommy’s bedtime fairytale: you- this beautiful princess waiting for her Prince Charming who would come to finally give living a purpose and bring up untouchable topics such as happiness, excitement, love, warmth, blessing.

Really?! Do we really need another person to fill us up?! Do we really have to find outside what we lack on the inside?!

Mom has forgotten to point out this subtle yet important truth: you are your own Prince Charming, your hero saving yourself from pain, misfortune, bad moments, even bad hair day.

You are… your other half.

Having a significant other can be amazing, as long as you own yourself enough to love: Start appreciating who and what you are, start seeing your deep, fundamental beauty, start creating bondages between you, yourself and yours.

Once you start loving you, once you become the starting point for counting blessings, there will be no need for someone else to fill in the blanks.

There will be only “that one” who can help in building an empire, on the existing foundation of… being.

Don’t forget to love… life!


Copyright 2018 MD. Adria M. All rights reserved.

2 Replies to “Still single?”

  1. I love this! I actually wrote s post similar going live next week. I love me some me and hav no problem being single. I’ve been engaged twice but I refuse to settle for anything other than my happiness.

    1. Being engaged, in a relationship or married is a great thing, as long as we love ourselves enough to be able to enjoy life with our partner. If we are waiting for the other one to bring in our lives feelings that we are missing, we will only be sad, disappointed and make the other one overwhelmed also. Love yourself, to love the others…

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