Naughty… or Nice?!


…He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…

Finally, Christmas time is here, and there is nothing which can beat the spirit of giving and… receiving!!!

Love, laughter, carols, warm hugs, sweet bread, candies, appreciation, presents we have been waiting for one year already…

Yes, we have carefully prepared the letter for Santa Claus, wrapped it really tight and sent away to the North Pole with a small cookie, creating our entrance on the “nice list” for this year also.

What about those ones who are not lucky enough to have a pen and a paper to write down their wishes?!

What about those ones who do not have a home to bake cookies and sweet bread?!

What about those ones who were not so nice but learned their lesson and replaced destructive patterns?!

What about… what about us?!

Are we only rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, healthy or sick, loved or hated, naughty or nice?!

I choose to believe in the good of ugly, in the name of the people, and not in an adjective based on a certain period of time: Jane, Nick, Jason or Miranda, YOU, ME … We are not only good or bad. We… are!!! And this is much more complex than simply reducing the existence of a human being to just one label.

Don’t we all deserve a second chance?! Forgive yourself, embrace your inner light, and try to make it bright, moment by moment.

Maybe so, one day, all our lights will shine together as one and we will give a good reason to Santa Claus to give up on the “naughty list”.


Copyright 2017. MD. Adria M. All rights reserved.

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