Give… to Receive

Deck the halls with hope and jolly,

Find a reason to be… holy.

IEEE!!! Christmas time is here, Santa Claus is near!!!

I can almost see people running around from one shop to another, in their attempt at finding the perfect present for loved ones.

I can almost feel the cinnamony smell of mom’s pumpkin pie, sweet bread, and lavender tea.

What am I saying here?! I already feel it!!! Savoury, crunchy cinnamon sweet bread, my lavender rose tea, both placed perfectly on a glittery golden platter, accompanied by a white rose are already waiting for me… 5 days from now, though. 

I can almost see friends and family gathered around a big festive table, wearing their best red outfits to fit the celebration, indulging in precious moments of laughter and exchanging presents.

I can almost…. I can almost try to hear the carollers knocking from door to door and spreading the news of baby Jesus being born.

Jesus is born, right!!! So this is why we all love Christmas so much. Or not?!

Are we really into the meaning of Christmas, or are we just looking for another reason to give and receive?!

Don’t get me wrong, I find nothing more valuable than being able to grab a smile from loved one’s faces. What can be better than creating, buying, designing the perfect gift for those ones who are right there next to us every day, no matter how rough our patch turns out to be?

But, please, my dear ones, let’s try to share, besides material things, peace, light, harmony ‚around us.

Let’s think about the people who were not that lucky and who have a patch to cross in a harder way than we do. There is nothing more comfortable, peaceful and enlightening, than sharing the message of love, forgiveness, and compassion that baby Jesus brought to Earth.

Let’s create the tradition of decorating our souls, and not only at Christmas time.


Copyright 2017. MD Alina- Loredana Marcu. All rights reserved.





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