Give… to Receive

There might come days when the fog is too foggy, the clouds are too cloudy, the storm is too stormy, the rain too rainy.

There might come days when the sun is too sunny, the light is too lightening and even hope is too… hoping.

In this humongous Universe, we are too small, yet big enough.

Too small to change its course, yet big enough to break the curse.

Too small to decide its destiny, yet big enough to love endlessly.

Too small to react, big enough to act.

Too small to fail, big enough to scale.

…We are just too small to give it up!!!!

…Too small…

If we are nothing else than a particle of dust in the wind… why it becomes so difficult to just…let go?!

I close my eyes only for a moment, and the moment’s gone…

Wind, just like air, is present in our lives, want it or not. It will lead us to our path, be it bright or dark, no matter if we decide to let it, see it or not.


Yes, they can protect us from heavy rain but is it always a good idea to just avoid pain and coldness coming out of it, or we should embrace it, learn how to face it, and dance on it?!

Nobody is protected from pain or suffering, laughter or crying, miracle or misery, but everybody can be a teacher.

A teacher of its own life, a teacher of its own mistakes, a teacher of its own miracle.

Who said life is supposed to be easy?!

Definitely, our way on this rental flat called Earth is anything else than easy, but, hey, life it is!!!

Do we need to see miracles to believe?!

Do we need to see air to know how to breathe?!

Do we need to feel the wind to just let go?!

Do we need to see ourselves to know that we are alive?!

Do we need to….?!

My dear ones, let’s start living while we are still alive!!!!! One never knows when it comes the time to give back to the Owner, what we’ve rented, and go into the purest dimension.

Why not having a blast out of this amazing adventure called life?!

Live by the moment.

Laugh with all your being.

Love unconditionally.

Cry out loud.



Let go.

There is nothing brighter than surrendering to what we are…

There is nothing darker than denying our pure light…

There is nothing worse than avoiding our miracle…

There is nothing… when we are not!!!

Copyright 2017. MD Adria M. All rights reserved.

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