1. How to grow up
  2. How to behave like adult
  3. How to face your fears
  4. How to relax
  5. How to enjoy
  6. How to face your Demons
  7. How to be happy
  8. How to love
  9. How to…

There are so many guidelines to follow when one decides to rise and shine. So many rules needed to be followed to transform us into the white supreme swan.

I cannot stop wonder: 

Does anybody own the miracle recipe on how we should face our fears, grow up, enjoy, let go, face our Demons or be happy?!

When all these feelings grow inside us…  Is there somebody able to tell us how we should do one or another?

The only solution which will make us stand up is closer than we ever knew.

It is standing right in front of us, trying to get out and sparkle some glitter, but we pull it back down as soon as we feel its shine. Come on, let it out! Little glitter killed no one.

Do we spend enough time watching our reflection in the mirror?! Even when preparing to go out, do we have a final look at our inner beauty too?! If it is a reflection, then it should bring upon surface our whole being… inner and outside beauty.

Of course, on the outside, we are beautiful… But on the inside, we are gorgeous beings.

Find time to really look at you! When you take a look into the mirror, face who you really are.

Look deep deep into your eyes and… connect.

Remember the glaze of your lover when all those flamingos were dancing around you and the unicorns were carrying you into the dream life?!

How often do we glaze… at ourselves?

We might search and actually find solutions around us: boyfriend, girlfriend,  friends, family, random people with a big heart are a real support in bad times. But the rock will always fall down on our floor. As long as we don’t find the peace within, we shouldn’t seek it without.

I give you a challenge: wear your best outfit, light some perfumed candles and… plan a one on one date with yourself. Start a deep, honest conversation.  Get to know your emotions, fears, traumas.

Ok, you are allowed to invite one more too: your inner child 😉

Listen to it, play its favorite games, sing the merriest songs, hug him when it’s crying.

There is one rule, though: By all means, stop playing “Hide and seek”.

It’s time to stand out.


Copyright 2017. MD Adria M. All rights reserved.

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