Don’t Waste your Time

Today’s happenings made me wonder:

Why we think we have limitless time to spend and we waste it so easily on meaningless events?!

Bad hair day, misfortunate makeup, clothes not fitting as expected… Such things used to take lots of energy from me as well. I admit shallowness as a part of my being for a while a long time ago. Bad hair day used to be the biggest drama of my life!!!

Why I used to do it?! We can all find the answer in everyday actions…

Sadly, we all think we have more than enough time to do whatever we want when we want. And just like this, day by day, moment by moment, we give to future things which might never come true. What if future will stop being a concept?!

We lose what we are for what we might become. And what if that future “us” will never reach the present “us”?!

What if this blessed playground called Earth will close its gates tomorrow?!

Would we be able to smile satisfied of living by surrendering to our destiny, listening to our soul, loving with all our power, dancing in the cold rain, giving and receiving light?!

Would we be able to say “I did it!!!”, or we will cry out loud the misery of living others life, creating shallow expectations, not appreciating the real values of life, forgetting who we are for becoming… what others want us to?!

Ready or not, there it comes…

In our life comes the day when we have to give up on future plans and focus on… that last moment!

Wanting or not, one day, we all have to say “Buh- bye” to life on Earth and embrace forever living in another dimension… the purest one.

Let’s prepare for that moment by having a blast out of life, laughing out loud on bad happenings, loving like there is no tomorrow, dancing the Hell out of pain and never forget about who and what we are!!! We are meant to be happy so, let’s rock it!!!

What about you, my dear ones?!

Are you willing to take the risk of having to regret your life?!

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