Doctor Reveals: Truth about Vitamins

„The excitement of vitamins, nutrition and metabolism,

permeated the environment.” (Paul D. Boyer)

Eat your vitamin, love that Thiamin and indulge in… Biotin


Everybody is speaking about them, everybody is supplementing, everybody is… vitaminized!

But what is the truth about these little catalysts with oxidative powers?! From where we take them?!

Do we really need to supplement?!

The answer is… maybe.

Vitamins are essential for our overall health, as they are this little engine which keeps up the cells activity, and gives our body a boost of energy, vitality and… health.

As I’ve stressed before though, they are a „little engine”. Therefore, our biosystem doesn’t need huge quantities to work properly.

On the contrary, when it’s about vitamin supplementing, just like in style, „less is more”(in the happy case that you have no proven deficiency).

If your blood analyses give you a signal of bringing on some vitamin- like pills, then you should definitely do it, but don’t take more than the recommended daily intake for your condition.

When used more than needed, they are not absorbed, and finally, can lead to a health damage so… why risk it?!

Let me introduce you to one of the most popular “bands” of the century,

“The Vitamins”:


28 Replies to “Doctor Reveals: Truth about Vitamins”

  1. Very informative post! I often fuss about how much vitamins I need at my age, should I be taking supplements or not? The article answered many of my worries!

    1. I am so glad that I could help you, dear!
      If you have any aditional question though, feel free to ask!
      I am here for you, anytime!
      Bless you!!!

  2. I didn’t know most of what you put in this post. Very informative so thank you

    1. Glad I could help, my dear. Feel free to ask for any additional information.
      I am here to hold your hand in this journey called life.
      Bless you!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the knowledge

  4. I just started taking a multivitamin. I too wasn’t sure how many or what kind of vitamins were best to take. It’s important to have a good balance.

    1. Hy, my dear Kimberly! You take a multivitamin supplement cause your blood tests shows you need one?! If so… keep on taking them.
      If not, you might want to consider it again.
      When it comes to supplements, too much can be damaging instead of healing.
      Feel free to ask for any information, anytime.
      Bless you!!!

    1. With pleasure, my dear. I am here to give my unconditional support, whenever it’s needed so… feel free to address any question needs to be clarified for you.
      Bless you!!!

    1. Welcome, my dear.
      The main source of vitamin is food. Supplements are needed only when in the body it is a proven deficiency and… this is the only way which one can heal it.
      But, as prevention is the way, we should try to fuel our body properly so that there is no imbalance overwhelming it.
      Feel free to ask for any information you need. I am here to give my unconditional support.
      Bless you!

    1. Welcome, my dear.
      For me, as a Doctor and Nutrition Consultant, prevention is the key to success!!!
      I recommend supplements only when the body has a certain lack of enzymes and it is not able to metabolize nutrients from foods.
      Otherwise… I truly believe that nature is the best pill ever!!!
      Feel free to address any question you need to clarify. I am here to give my unconditional support!
      Bless you!!!

    1. You’re welcome, my dear!!! I am here to give my unconditional support so… feel free to ask for any piece of informations you need, anytime.
      Welcome to this family!!!
      Bless you!!!

  5. This was very informative. I wondered what I should or shouldn’t be taking. I sometimes think I am taking way too much!

    1. My dear, I advise you to not supplement if you do not have a proven deficiency… When it comes to vitamin deposits, sometimes less is more!!!
      Try to “eat” as much vitamins as you can, by introducing many of the foods included in the list!!!
      Feel free to ask for any info needed to be clarified, anytime!
      Bless you!

  6. This is an awesome post. I believe that we should get our vitamins from our food. Like you said, we should only take them if their is a deficit.

    1. Welcome, my dear!!! I truly believe in the power of prevention!!!
      Nature rules when it comes to our overall health so… let’s indulge in its gifts!!!
      Bless you!!!

  7. Great information. I always worry about vitamin intake being a fitness enthusiast. Though I have been using an app to monitor daily vitamin and minerals intake 🙂 This post answered many of my queries. Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome, my dear Anjali. Please, do not supplement with vitamins if you do not have a proven deficiency.
      When it comes to vitamins and supplements, less is more!!!
      Make nature your vitamin source, and try to use as much as you can… the vitamin D provider, Sun!!!
      Feel free to address any question needs to be answered.
      I am here to give unconditional support!!!
      Bless you!

    1. Hello, my dear! I am so happy that I could bring useful infos out there, on your place!!!
      Come back whenever you feel the need and, feel free to address any question needs to be clarified for you.
      I am here to give my unconditional support!!!
      Bless you!!!

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