Is your gut making you sick?!

Back in the days when animals could talk, there was a Heavenly sent couple ruling Earth:


You: a wonderful human being. Beautiful, intelligent, smart.

With skills, fears, doubts, insecurities, selfless rather than selfish, with lots of love to give, but so less to receive…

Your body: once balanced, shining in peace and harmony with your mind and spirit.

Nowadays, since Candida Albicans decided to interfere and become from your best gut- friendly buddy the most fearful frenemy, the fairy tale changed… and the battle hasn’t even started…

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you always have to share your meals with headaches, dizziness, bloating, abdominal pain.

Well, now, that you’ve fed your body, you are loaded with energy.

At least until, this stalker, Candida, steals it away and grows its tribe into your digestive tract.

Build, build, build! Build tiny holes here and there through vaginal, digestive, intestinal walls in which to live, grow and… eat away your immunity!

Oh, what a “flourishing” society over there!!!

After helping this “fungus community” develop, let’s meet our loved ones.

Friends, family, significant other. They are all looking forward to spending some quality time with you… alone.

Seems like a perfect day, so, go over to the dressing table, grab your make- up tools and… run as fast as you can to… the bathroom:

Those abdominal cramps and diarrhea need to be worshiped at their true value, so, you spontaneously change plans.

Finally, you haven’t spent a whole day on that “comfy” toilet seat for a while, right?

Morning’s here!!!

Excited about a new “symptom- free” day, you surrender to that flawless cup of coffee enjoyed on that flowery porch while the sun is tactfully touching your skin.

Suddenly, you feel a pinch and you spot red itchy shades here and there!

Yep, you are not alone anymore!!!

Eczema, hives and photosensitivity would love to accompany you. But wait, they don’t come alone! They bring that “valuable” crue of them: 

            » foggy brain

            » constipation

            » diarrhea

            » low libido

            » insomnia

            » headaches

            » lack of energy

           » hormonal imbalance

            » mood swings

            » food intolerance

            » joint aches

            » food  and environmental allergy

            » muscle aches

            » breath- taking uninviting body smell

            » colitis

            » memory loss

            » asthma

            » white deposits on the surface of the tongue

            » congestion

            » acne

            » extreme sweating, especially during the night

            » vaginitis

            » autoimmune diseases

            » kidney and bladder infections

            » arthritis

            » depression

Too many guests and too less time, energy and space to treat them as needed?! Don’t worry, you can clear your home as soon as a blink: Just renew your friendship with Candida Albicans.

I can assure you, the happy fairytale ending is right there at the corner, waiting for you.

What about you, my lovelies?! Do you struggle with any of those nasty issues?! 

If so, stay tuned for the following chapters of our “Healthy Gut Fairytale”, when we will bring to light how and why it all started, and we will reveal priceless secrets which come across effortlessly and permanently for healing your body.

Our  Doctor, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant is here to listen to your pain points, help you understand why you have a certain imbalance, and provide personalized health programs created according to your own body needs, pH level, metabolism, intolerance or allergies, preferences, lifestyle and more.

You are unique, and so your body is! Stop treating it as a photocopy of others! Listen, and treat it according to its own needs!

I will always hold your hand!

Copyright 2017. MD Adria M. All rights reserved.

20 Replies to “Is your gut making you sick?!”

  1. I had H pylori for almost 10 years. It made my life impossible. Now that I’m recovering I feel another person. Thank you for increasing awareness on this kind of topic.

    1. Our gut is our engine, the one which dictates our overall health.
      When addressing any kind of disease, we should first take care of those little, yet priceless friends of us, gut bacterias. They are the “heart” of our biosystem, and there is no balance or health where they are dying. Slowly, but safe, metabolic functions are disrupted and this is noticeable on our eyes, skin, hair, and finally… in the presence of diseases. There is no such thing as disease which stays forever as long as we address the root of it, and as long as we treat the person who has the issues, and not just the pain points.
      Every person is unique, and there is no pill which can help everybody!!! Achieving real health is a matter of choices related to individual parameters.
      Feel free to ask for any additional information, anytime!
      Bless you!

  2. Great presentation Alina! I think i am very lucky with my skin as i haven’t suffer from anything as long as i can remember. My only concern is my (every then and now) sensitive skin.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation, dear Helen.
      I hope it was helpful
      Your sensitive skin is related to sun exposure, food consumption, cosmetics, season or weather changes?
      Is it itchy, red, dry?!
      As soon as you let me know about these details, I could give you some helpful pieces of advice.
      Have a great day!!!

    1. Thank you so much, dear Ana.
      Feel free to ask for any health information you need, anytime!
      Bless you!!!

  3. Yes! My son had this and it was a long journey but we started the GAPS diet and then transitioned to anti-candida diet and with liver supplement it took eczema away. If anyone tells you if cannot be cured, keep looking.

    1. As a Doctor, I saw and learned that every disease can be healed, as long as we address the person, and not the ilness in general. Every body is unique, and it has its own metabolism, pH level, alive gut bacteria.
      This is why, I try to stress the fact that we can cure anything, as long as we keep in mind our own body needs, intolerances, allergies, pH level.
      Feel free to ask for any information, anytime.
      Bless you!!!

  4. Interesting read! I don’t have any skin conditions except oily skin, but what gives! I do have a sensitive stomach and have found that my best friend is breakfast with yogurt! Thanks for sharing this important and sometimes overlooked information!

    1. With pleasure, dear Cynthia.
      I am here to share what I have learned, and to stress the fact that every little(or big) disease an be healed, as long as we address the person, and not the ilness.
      No body is functioning the same, therefore, there is no miracle diet which works for everybody. There are individuals, not ilnesses.
      Feel free to ask for any information, anytime.
      Bless you!!!

  5. Such an interesting post! I never knew skin problems can show up because of my gut health! Thankfully I do not have such problems.

    1. My dear, our gut is the one which dictates our overall health… Therefore, any disease can be healed, if we address the person and its own biological parameters, and not the disease.
      I am here for any information you need, so feel free to ask anything, anytime.
      Our health is in our hands!!!
      Bless you!

  6. what a concerning post. wow. I have been suffering from headaches for almost all my life, but always just made it out to be stress.

    1. And it is possible to be stress, my dear Jenna.
      Headaches, like any other condition, have different triggers. And according to their character, time indurance, moment of appearing and associated symptoms, we can relate the cause of them.
      Feel free to ask for any information you need. I am here for all of you!!!
      Bless you!

  7. Very interesting read thanks! I am trying to work out what foods and cosmetics are good or bad for my skin. I’m looking forward to reading your next posts x

    1. Thank you, my dear.
      I am here to share with all of you bits of informations which could help in reaching that state of balance between mind, body and spirit.
      I think together, we can do this!!!
      Please, feel free to ask for any information you need to know. If I can, I will help with pleasure.
      Welcome to the family!!!
      Bless you!

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