Confessions of a Fridayholic


It’s Friday, baby! Time for counting blessings!!!

Ready, steady, go!!!

Count with the same passion you track sheep on the ceiling when you find it so hard to fall asleep.

Count… count… count!!! Stop, and be grateful!

What is that thing which makes you wanna shout out loud:”Daaaamn, I am so lucky”!?!

Right in this moment, I am more than blessed for having such devoted, selfless, inspiring, loving, caring human beings always next to me, even though, demographically, far away.

On their wings they let me sour higher than I thought was possible, they instill bits of wisdom like arrows in my quiver so I can face all the rough paths coming in my way… They make me wanna fly, provide “tickets” to reach my own destinations, and allow me to choose how to travel further away.

Some call them parents. Mine are angels!!!

What about you, my dear ones?! For what you feel blessed right in this moment?! What made your day?! What made you smile?! What made you laugh out loud?!

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