So blessed to be a part of your life


Hello, my dear ones!

Another blessed day is about to start, and I am more than ready to receive whatever life has prepared for me today.

I hope that it will be gentle, though!!! 😀

9th of August 2017:

Mindfulness breathing routine, morning delicious detox tea, perfumed candles delighting my senses, laptop on to start working. Sounds like a pretty normal day is rising up, except the fact that lovely Stephanie Vazquez from Life, Spice, & Paradise decided to nominate me for Liebster Award 2017.

She is a great person, dedicated blogger, which, as me, and I hope as many of you, understood that health is not just about foods. It’s about living the life you love, in the way you love, incorporating healthy habits, of course.

Wow!!! It is so so fulfilling to know that in just two weeks since I’ve decided to connect with you, guys, I have reached your hearts. I hope you will find a place in your life for our bondage too, as I am here to stay by your side no matter what rough patches might come!

Why I started this blog?!

Well, as a Doctor, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Consultant, I couldn’t settle down and just watch how us, people, surrender to… life challenges. There is no such thing as disease, sickness, allergy which can bring us down.

We can overcome any condition as long as we understand, love, cherish our, body, mind and spirit.

Arthritis?! Leaky Gut Syndrome?! Asthma?! Eczema?! Candida Overgrowth?! Histamine Intolerance?! Palpitations?! Migraines?! Joint and bone aches?! Hormonal Imbalance?! Food Intolerance?! Life Intolerance?!

Been there, done that. Done, forever!

Now it’s your turn to master your mind, body, and spirit!

It will not be always easy, but know that you are not alone.I’m here to give you my shoulder to rely on and my hand to travel together through this blessed journey called Life!!!

I’m here to give you my shoulder to rely on and my hand to travel together through whatever will come!!!

I’m here when you need to cry out loud or to have a blast out of life!!!

I’m here to guide and support you through the journey of living with a happier, healthier… YOU!!!

I am here to stay by your side, and I know that together we can make it so… why waste time?!

Are you into blogging? My bits of advice would be:

⇒ Be yourself! Be bold, be brave, be open, be you! Open up and write!  Write about what you feel, about what you need, about what you want! Write and connect by your own terms.

Open up and write! Write about what you feel, about what you need, about what you want deep deep inside you! Write and connect by your own terms.

Finally, it will be your creation, your world so, make it as your own mirror reflection!

⇒ Connect! Connect with people following your activity!

Do not be proud more than needed, and never forget that you are here to share and create priceless bondage.


There are a few steps you have to take as you accept this award:

1.Write a blog post about how and why you’ve started this blog.

2. Include the person who nominated you into your blog post, add a link to their blog and a short description of what they write about, their activity.

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.

4. Give new bloggers two pieces of advice.

5. Notify the bloggers you have nominated for this award and provide the link to your post.


And now, the time has come. The bloggers I choose to nominate are:

  1. Fusionista Ren–
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  14.  Vanessa Sylvester–
  15. Sushovan Sinha–            

Dear ones, do not  forget to follow the rules presented above. Hugs, kisses, and love!

Let’s live… ALIVE!!!


Copyright 2017 Dr. Alina- Loredana Marcu. All rights reserved.