Ways to make sure your disease is not coming back.


How many times you’ve decided to go on a gluten- free diet?

To have a friendly yet no turning back break-up from headaches, migraines, swallowing, constipation, abdominal pain, hormonal imbalance, hair loss or…  hair floss, anxiety, depression, insomnia.

06 am. Charmed dreams with Phoenix birds dancing around you and raising you up from those ashes are suddenly interrupted by a situation with an even more „magical” outcome:

Your beloved alarm clock rises and shines, delighting your senses with the rough smell of reality.

Another day starts, you don’t look so amused, though. What concerns you?

Yeah, I know, it is not such a bliss to take breakfast with migraines, lunch with stomach aches, and dinner with inflammation, while having that little stalker named gluten intolerance following you even to the lady’s room.

Damn, it’s time to stop!

Scoop into your fridge, cabinets, secret sweet treat places, mourn their loss, and kick them out!

Soon, all those nasty symptoms will follow them.

Recycled? No way… deleted!!!

You will delete headaches, palpitations, water retention, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, and all the other inflammation family members.

They are a pretty big family, though. So we must address them polite and one by one. We wouldn’t like somebody to be rude

First thing first, you should get rid of all temptations in your home.

White flour, cows milk, refined carbohydrates such as bread, bagels, pretzels, and all those yummy yeast products which wave us right after we wake up. Refined sugars as… sugar.

Refined sugars as… sugar have to go as well. For now, at least.

 I stress refined sugar, as, during the long manufacturing process, the glucose molecule becomes, instead of harmless, harmful and starts a war against our pancreatic enzymes and the master of detoxification, the great liver.

And so, eat by eating, yumminess by yumminess, our body starts to see food as an enemy and just like this, intolerance arise.

Get out of that toxic relationship in which cravings rule and take health into your own hands.

Don’t worry, as I’ve told you before, there is no disorder which cannot be treated.

And, if the intolerance is not genetic, but received as a souvenir from lifestyle choices, you will be able to grab a bagel now and then, indulge in a slice of bread, or throw a pizza party. Choose wise, though.

Many of my patients, after finishing the health program, decided to stick to the gluten- free diet and make those gluten full products part of their life only when they have no other choice, grandmas visit like moments.

Remember, if the intolerance or allergy to gluten is genetic, you have to take it out from your life… as much as a lifetime.

After we will discover together gluten- free, healthy full recipes, you will not want to come back to old, traditional dishes. You will discover that bread, pretzels, and all those baked goodies are even tastier with the right ingredients and combinations.

And, no, you don’t have to say goodbye to „milk, toast, and honey”.

After you heal and seal that gut, there is nobody who can stop you to go back now and then to your beloved bread-like foods.

Keep in mind though, “everything in moderation, including moderation. ”     (Oscar Wilde)

I just advise you to be patient, fuel your body with the right thoughts and foods, and, one day, just like magic, a healthy you will knock on the door… to stay!

I myself was a gluten intolerance sufferer, and had to cope with many nasty symptoms turned out into so called diseases for a lifetime like migraines, arthritis, asthma, histamine intolerance, Candida Overgrowth, leaky gut syndrome, gastritis, flu and cold feet all year around, hormonal imbalance, chronic constipation( I am always smiling though, I do not understand why they called me „constipated”).

What can I say? My immune system was always on alert but poor one,  without even knowing, I was fighting against it with every single bite of food, destructive mindset, lack of confidence, lack of… intolerance finally.

1 month after I gave up on gluten, I have realized that my joint aches were starting to fade away, I was able to walk more than one block, and, 4 months later, I was able to workout (up to 2 hours of light pieces of training a day).

Don’t freak out, you can still throw a BUH- BYE party and enjoy all those little dirty treats, but make it just today. Tomorrow, start with a bright new mindset and be ready to dazzle your health.

You might experience an increase of the symptoms after taking out all those ingredients, but it is totally normal, and as soon as a giant blink, you will be pain- free.

Imagine this: after a break- up, even if that relationship was harmful, you still regret it, right?

Well, your body lived for so many years close to gluten. You can call it a marriage.

So, give it time to heal, seal and deal with the loss. This is the way the cells group up and create a stronger, healthier, brighter you!!!

It is a process, not a short term solution, but it is worth!

I’ll be here for you, to guide you, support you, and lift you up when you think it becomes too challenging.

I have had my support, stopping me whenever I was about falling into gluten trap, as you can see. Now it is my turn to stand up for you!


We can do it!!!


Copyright 2017 Dr. Alina- Loredana Marcu. All rights reserved.