Who’s up for a pizza?

Weekend? Girlfriends? Great movies?

Done, done and… done.

Is there something missing? Oh, yeah, that damn pizza stock.

It’s time for our bodies to enjoy the weekend and forget about Candida Overgrowth, Histamine and Gluten Intolerance. Why?!

Cause this goodiness is here not only to bring your taste buds to orgasm but also to help ease nasty side effects of these conditions.

Buh- bye inflammation, migraines, swallowing here and there, dizziness.

It’s time for a chick flick!

Bring it on, girl!


Histamine- friendly, Gluten- free, Yummy- like pizza   



     Batter :

  • 1kg cauliflower
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 2 red onions
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Turmeric
  • sea salt
  • pepper
  • basil
  • oregano


  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1/2 grated celery for the cheese like appearance
  • 1/2 fennel
  • 2 red onions
  • 1 clove of garlic

Note: As this pizza’s delivery stations are Histamine and Candida, we have chosen to combine these DAO supportive veggies in order to accomplish that anti-inflammatory effect.

If you would like to add or cut out some of the ingredients, and you are suffering from one of the conditions listed above, please let us know in a comment so we can advise you if the combination will harm or heal your body, and, if needed, to find together the best solution available.


1. For the batter, we should cut cauliflower florets into small pieces and afterward, boil them until soft.

2. Pack it into a clean towel and squeeze to take out most of the water.

3. Add egg yolks, red onions, spices, mix it well then… bake it in the oven preheated at 220 degrees for about 15 minutes, till it looks close to this:


4. Now it’s time to add the fillings.

Grilled, baked, raw… Use them like you crave.

So… top the batter, take it back into the oven until a golden crunchiness arises and… grab it while it’s hot.

 Be careful while blinking though. You might lose the last piece 😉

These girls are starving!


Bon appetit, dear ones!


© 2017 MD. Adria M. All rights reserved.

27 Replies to “Who’s up for a pizza?”

  1. I love cauliflower pizza it is the best and low calories. This is something that I have to pin and make later as a meal prep.

    1. I am glad you like it and be free to ask for any additional pieces of information when you feel like.
      I can’t wait to see the result!
      Enjoy it and… Have a blessed day!

  2. I had no idea gluten had so many side effects that I currently have been experiencing. This pizza looks amazing, I’d love to learn more about being gluten free if you have any tips on what to look for?

    1. I am here to help you so, I will do it with pleasure.
      But you should know that every individual is unique, and so the body is. Therefore, to really get rid of those nasty symptoms, I should know a little bit how your own body works.
      Gluten is for sure responsible of this, but usually, it doesn’t come alone. So, we should find the background of the reactions.
      For this, you should tell me more about your food intolerances or allergies. If someone will follow a gluten free diet while still consuming products which bring intolerance effects, the result will be worse.
      My advice, which applies universally though is to not look for gluten- free products which have starches and yeast inside. The combination of these 3 ingredients brings digestive pH imbalance and that ugly inflammatory effect.
      I am waiting for your response and I will answer as soon as possible.
      So, my dear Jen, think on which reactions you experience while eating certain fruits, vegetables, spices, fats, proteins, every food besides gluten.
      As soon as I know this, I can create a plan for you to make it easier to follow.
      Let’s ease those symptoms. We can do it!
      Have a blessed day!

  3. My brother loves pizza. I’m so trying it this weekend. Hope it comes out fine. LOL!

    1. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the result! If it doesn’t turn out as you expected, we invite you on a pizza! 😉

  4. This looks a absolutely delicious!!! I cannot wait to try it out !! I am gluten free and my boyfriend does the keto diet so this will defiantly be one we need to try !

    1. I am glad you will try it out! It definitely deserves a chance.
      Can’ t wait to see the result 😉

  5. This looks AMAZING! I’m hungry just looking at it. Not only that, but with gluten allergies in my family, this would definitely make get-togethers so much easier! Thanks so much for sharing this great recipe!

    1. I am happy that you liked it and I am looking forward to see the result. Related to the gluten allergies, you should check for other food senzitivities cause they might influence gluten one.
      Feel free to ask for any question, anytime.
      Have a great week!

    1. I am glad you’ve enjoyed it and I am looking forward to seeing the result.
      Let’s indulge in health!

  6. WOW…. this is perfect!!!!!! I am gluten, grain, sugar free. I’m thrilled you commented on my post today, it’s how I was able to see your page and now follow you!

    1. Dear Leian, I am more than happy that you’ve enjoyed it.
      As you probably already know, besides your girl here to give unconditional support, I am also a Doctor, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant and I will gladly answer any questions, doubts or concerns you have related to health issues.
      There is no disorder which cannot be healed if we approach it the right way.
      Please feel free to ask for any information, anytime.
      Bless you!

      1. Bless you too lovely lady… I admire that you have chosen this platform to give of yourself freely to healing others… very admirable! I look forward to your posts. Cheers to good life 🙂

      2. Cheers to good life, cheers to a better version of us, cheers to living!!!
        Have a perfect, funny, sunny, crazy day!
        Hugs and love!

    1. It is a great delish option and , best of all, I have combined the ingredients in such a way which brings healing to the gut and releases inflamation. Healthy tasty pizza… let me know which was the outcome!!!
      Bon appetit, lovely!!!

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