Are we ready to live?

So, you arrived into this World

A little, innocent angel, ready to rise and shine!

Or… NOT?!

We all start traveling in one of the most innocent, pure form of energy.

No scaredness, no doubts, no frustration… no anger.

Yet, a deep sadness.

We must be sad, otherwise… why our first reaction after stepping out into life we cry out loud?!

Sad of having to leave Heaven, Angels, and purity to come into a  place which lost its meaning. We used to call it… “LIFE”!!!

Sad of having to change selfless for selfishness,  happiness for angriness, confidence for doubts, loving for fighting, healing for killing…

Sad for losing the real meaning of life: make our inner light shine stronger and stronger and stronger!!!

Sad for having to give up on who we really are, just to be accepted by others.

This makes me wonder:




Don’t lose your piece of Heaven!

Go out and shine!!!


© 2017 MD. Adria M. All rights reserved.



9 Replies to “Are we ready to live?”

  1. My dear, life is a journey…from the moment we’re born. We have the right and the duty to live at our best, to bloom and to rise upon our condition. Maybe we’re pure as born new babies, and society lie its dust upon our true nature, but….still, everything that happens happens for a reason, and the reason is that we need to evolve. I don’t think there is such a thing as involution..yes, we might forget sometimes that we’re made of stars, but in the end…we shall return to stars! 🙂

    1. Dear Diana, What I want to stress is the fact that we all should focus on improving the positive side of life and kill our Demons.

  2. Yes, is true. Maybe not kill our demons, but be at peace with them, befriend them. That is what I experienced, they will never truly die, but we can accept that they exist inside, but choose not to let them control our happiness and life. 😉

    1. As long as you let your inner power rule that destructive mindset, even the darkest Demons go into the light.
      Been there, done that. There might still be some Demons over there, but they are too weak to fight against purity.
      Let’s work on purifying our mind, energy, spirit!

  3. I love this post and is everything I believe in. Life is truly a journey and we must be able to manifest all positive energy and thoughts and it will happen. We truly do create our own happiness and once we are able to do so, it is truly amazing how the universe works in magic ways..

    1. Definitely, dear Sharon!!! Life is ours and we should live it, as we feel.
      Negativity and destructive mindsets have nothing to do with being… alive!
      Life is about enjoying, creating, dancing in the cold rain, laugh out loud, cry even louder, and move on!!!
      Let’s surrender to the divine purpose!!!
      Bless you!!!

      1. I am with you 100% live life, enjoy, manifest all those positive vibes and many blessings back to you xoxoxo

      2. So glad to get to know you, dear.
        Hugs, love and… may life be gentle with you!

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