SICKAllergic, suffering from Candidiasis, eczema, hormonal and autoimmune disorders, autistic, depressed, anxious, fearful.

Histamine Intolerant, Lactose Intolerant, Gluten Intolerant… Life intolerant.

And… Where are you now?!

In which point your identity changed from Alice, John, Mary or Andrew into a label?!

You are supposed to be more than just a sick person.

Want it or not, we are energy. Energy in the purest form.

We are also mathematics. How we program our body, is how we become.

Let me tell you a short story:

A few years ago, 10 to be more precise, I have decided after some big health challenges that “I want” to give up being Alina, and become… Leukemia, a terminal disease sufferer.


Everyday I was repeating to myself that I will die. Little did I knew that in those right moments I was actually experiencing death.

The death of me, my blessing, and I.

Every day I was going to a laboratory to make new blood tests and prove that I am going to leave life soon. If they showed perfect health, why I was not feeling like?

And so, day by day, my arms were looking like a drug addict, from so many… fears. Those needles didn’t stop me though.

Was I really sick?! Definitely not!

Call me hypochondriac but as I avoid labelling, I would say that I was the clear image of how my dysfunctional mindsets, frustrations and disappointments influenced my body.

It became so connected to the way I was thinking, that in 2 weeks, I started not only to behave and feel like a Leukemia sufferer, but to look like one.

Happiness turned into crying.

I was picturing my family mourning me.

And they would have done it if I wouldn’t have stopped in time.

Shopping, my favorite “sports” in those ages, became a drama. All I was thinking was that it’ s useless to spend on things which I will never be able to wear again.

This went on and on until one day, mom, came into my room with a book called “Heal your mind to heal your body”.

This is how I realized that my family, friends, doctor and all those 30 blood tests were not lying. My mind was the only one making me sick.

Our body is smart, you know?!  

Amygdala, the Brain of decision-making and emotional reactions, is working continuously to protect us. 

Even from ourselves.

Fear, anxiousness, depression call 911 for corticotropine, the hormone responsible for “fight or run” kind of reaction.

And, as failure is not an option, we choose to fight.

Fight against… OURSELVES.

Trust me, every so-called disease is nothing but the result of an energetic imbalance. Disillusions, bad or traumatic experiences, they are all written in the structure of our cells. Even though we sometimes forget, our body has a strong memory.

It takes time and strength to deal with our own Demons, but once we do it, we will finally master our health.

You might face a disease, but you are not one!

In case you forget, keep that ID close 😉

Stop labeling, start conquering!



May God bless you all!

© 2017 MD. Adria M. All rights reserved.




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