How to: Boost Your Digestive System In Less Than 5 Minutes

Before you head out the door, let’s add some healing to that digestive tract. 


It’s time to proceed!

Start your day off with a cup of warm alkaline water and increase the amount sip by sip, day by day until…

Don’t worry, I will advise you and, in no time, your body will let you know too.

Soon you will feel the need of drinking up to 4 glasses.

So, let’s meet up tomorrow and share valuable tips and tricks on how and why to become a “waterholic”.

Meanwhile, you might pay attention to… the sticky part of your tongue, though.

During sleep time, our body takes the night shift very serious and cleanses all the toxins provided in the past day, so, immediately after waking up, sales ring on the door:

Two at price of one:

Intoxicated and acidic body.

All you have to do is pay with… Health.

If the offer sound appealing, STOP.

Wake up, wash your face and clean your mouth carefully.

Using a tool for cleaning the interdental space (made of plastic, with one side looking like a small brush), scratch softly your tongue from the root to the frontal.

In this way, you open up the surface of the taste buds, so they can free your tongue from toxic deposits.

You might feel the urge of vomiting while doing this.

Hang on, take a break, and try again. It is just a reflex which will go away in time, and trust me, your body will thank you for this.

Repeat it every day, so that you can give a boost to your whole body health, by taking out toxins and preparing the digestive system to release salivary enzymes for the next to come, eating in a proper way.

Then, gather all the mucus formed with a plastic spoon, by making the same movement before. Scrape your tongue from root to the tip.

Do not swallow it.

Spit all and brush your teeth normally.

You will be amazed how much toxins you’ve carried away with you all this time.

After use, seal the „tools” and throw them away. You don’t want garbage inside your body again.

Now, let’s go back to water.

You can make your own alkaline water by adding few drops of lemon, a pinch of grounded sea salt or sodium bicarbonate.

If you are Histamine Intolerant, forget about lemons and feel free to choose one of the other options. Do not combine them, though.

Over usage of sodium can provide headaches and weakness by alkalizing pH level too fast. You want to take it slow.

Wear gracefully your health, a balanced state of mind, go out and… shine!


Tongue cleansing tool

Don’ t forget: You are health!

See you tomorrow, dear ones!


© 2017 Dr. Alina- Loredana Marcu. All rights reserved.