How to: Overcome Any “Dis- ease”

Embryo life…

Hm… it must have been interesting though… not enough things to discover around there, in the small yet cozy place called mom’s belly.

And because I was so excited to see what is on the other side (instead of nutrients coming by tube and baby me floating in peaceful liquids), while others were waiting patiently for the delivery time to come, I was looking forward to discovering faster all that this gift has to offer to me so… I’ve decided to leave my mom’s belly faster and… come directly into this reality called life, in my own style, with the feet in front.

Yeah… my poor mom had to deal with some pains. But she took it as a positive fact:

I will always step forward with grace in every situation, no matter how rough the path will be!

7 months… broken bones while doctors were trying to ease my first step into the world… umbilical cord surrounding my neck and not letting me breathe( Ooops. I must not have known then that necklaces should not be so tight around the neck )… infection taken as a souvenir from hospital… not many chances of survival…

Yet, here I am 27 years later, having a blast out of this life.

Think my guardian angel is already exhausted by how many times He had to protect me!!!


Don’t let so- called diseases block your path through life.

You are here to shine, create, and stand out.

Every dis- ease comes from negativity, destructive mindset and traces of unfortunate experiences.

Open up to an honest conversation with yourself and find out the root of your disorders: which are your fears, worries, traumas?!

Once you address this, you can overcome any misfortunate condition.

Heal your life. Live your life!!!

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