Pointless mistakes we all do

Drive through shallowness… into The Light

Driving through the sunny highway… into heavy raindrops…

Walking along the small side streets while enjoying the warmth of Germany’s sun I’ve lost my final destination and decided to take a break whenever the path will take me to.

Said and done.

Reaching to a  green paradise, populated by all sorts of trees and colored flowers, I ’ve surrendered to God’s miracle and connected to nature.

Nature… sun… meditation…

Meditation. Yes, a good day to start this habit!!! I will do it!!! This time I will have enough peace to be with my inner self!!!

Yaaaaay!!! Finally… NOT!

The zen mood became panic when I’ve heard 2 girls shouting:

„- Oh, no! It’s raining! Not agaaain!!!”

” – Tell me about?! I had my hairstyle perfectly done today. Now, all my day is destroyed!”

This made me wonder:

When we’ve lost the connection with our inner light?!

Why don’t we try to make it shine stronger than any star and we slowly turn it off by prejudices and shallow expectations?!

God, faith, miracle, our inner force, and instincts will always lead us to the right path.

All we have to do is worship this gift called, LIFE!!!

Rain is falling so confident on the ground, passing through such a big distance excited to go on Earth and disappear for nourishing the nature (how great it will be if we could be so selfless).

A new cycle, in another dimension, without wondering if the raindrops will fall into the right path or not.

You might not always reach what your main target was, there will be pain, sorrow, diseases, disappointments, disillusion, you might have to face things which you think you cannot overcome.

Hey, I can assure you that it will be the best trip ever… it will be what you need in order to get into deep connection with who you really are!!!

Don’t let bad happenings destroy your inner light!

When the sun is too strong, use the right sunglasses!

It will rain, storms might come, but we are what we create!

So… wear your favorite shoes, find a chic umbrella which will fit your outfit and…

Walk gracefully on the road which God prepared to you, no matter how cold are the raindrops!


A warm cup of tea will always wait for you 😉

Copyright 2017 MD. Adria M. All rights reserved.


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