How to: Cure That Broken Heart

Broken heart?! So last season!!!
IMG_20160531_221252…Give her the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world…

In terms of relationships, it comes a time when the fairy tale glaze looses its shine.

This is perfect when you have the comfort of those arms which hold you so tight when you freeze just to keep you warm… those lips which kiss you on the forehead just to show what real love feels like… those hands which never let you go… those shining eyes which give you peace just by looking at you.

Yes, love sometimes is routine.

Ohhhh, but it is the most comfortable feeling which can ever exist!!!

The feeling of knowing that no matter what, you have your ONE!!!

Just like shoes, when you have your perfect pair… you just feel it.

No matter how many inches the heel is, no matter how many streets you have to walk by, no matter how tiring the road may become when you have the right pair, you can conquer the world.

As long as they don’t harm you!!!

What about the moment when a relationship becomes rather selfish than selfless?!

When disagreements become disappointments?!

When your hero becomes a warrior against you instead of your prince riding a unicorn?!

Well… you might say unicorns are not real. Then, Prince Charming is supposed to be just a fairytale too?!

Anyway, as long as we are alive, we are free to create our own reality. The one which matches our inner craziness.

Put on that gorgeous face a big smile, go out there and show yourself that even broken hearts can shine!

Nobody can take you away from yourself!

When our life is good enough… let’s worship it!

When situations go in the wrong direction and hurt us like Hell… let’s fix it!

Don’t know how?! 911 always calls for a best friend… which often is yourself.


When it comes to creating our daily outfit… we will never choose destroyed shoes instead of fancy and comfy ones.

Then, why we are so used to wear our hearts broken?

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