Don’t waste Your Life!

One day you might wonder what is this all about…

Sleeping… waking up and zipping little coffee on your way to work… if the stars are working in your favor… grab a snack from the corners bakery and eat it without taking a breath.

You arrive at work, accomplish all the tasks needed and then, at the end of the day, all you dream about is, finally sleeping!!!

No hanging out with family, friends or whatever. Just hugging that fluffy pillow and surrender to night dreams.

After such a hectic day you might wonder where is your life after all?!

What you do with it besides working and managing stress?

Well, this is part of life, and not all of us own the luxury of just chillin’ down all day long, meditating and practicing yoga. I have to confess though, that I would gladly spend the rest of my days like this:

A small cozy house in the middle of a wild empty island with crystal clear water and flamingos on the beach…

…waking up every day and enjoy some coconut water while my long white dress is dancing in the wind…

… water softly touching my feet…

… sun warming gently my skin while rising up to lighten the whole world…

… snacking exotic fruits grabbed directly from the trees….

… meditating on the sunsets and the only noise which could interrupt this to be…


The landlord waking me up to reality.

Dream houses have no rent to pay but mine… does.

 Don’t miss life. Yes, it might be hard, but we are blessed enough to feel stress, pain, headaches, anger, happiness.

Don’t waste your time!

Copyright 2017 MD. Adria M. All rights reserved.

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