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I give you a challenge: wear your best outfit, light some perfumed candles and… plan a one on one date with yourself. Start a deep, honest conversation.  Get to know your emotions, fears, traumas.
Ok, you are allowed to invite one more too: your inner child 😉

Best Gluten, Dairy and Allergy Free Apple Pie Without… The Pie Thing?!

What if I would tell you that you can eat as much apple pie as your heart craves for even with Gluten and Dairy Allergy, Candida Overgrowth, Histamine Intolerance and Multiple Food Allergy?!
Yes… you’ve heard it right!
When life gives you apples… you’ve gotta Pie The Hell out of them!!!

Doctor Reveals the Essential Truth about Vitamins

„The excitement of vitamins, nutrition and metabolism, permeated the environment.” (Paul D. Boyer)   Everybody is speaking about them, everybody is supplementing, everybody is… vitaminized! But what is the truth about … Continue reading Doctor Reveals the Essential Truth about Vitamins